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How do I select a house plan?Ready-Made Plan Selection

Dimensions of the Land Plot and Future House

First of all, it is necessary to define the position of the house on the land plot, as well as the construction footprint. It is mandatory that the house dimensions comply with the area of the land plot. In addition to this, enough free space should be left around the building — to construct the drives to the house, to make a garden, fountains and garden houses. Please consider which side of the house you would like the windows to face and what your house will look like from different sides.


The most important thing in selecting a ready-made house plan is your lifestyle. To understand which of the standard plans suits you best, you should answer a number of key questions. This will help you understand exactly what you need your private house to contain:

How many people will live in your house?
Are you expecting a child (or one more) in your family?
How often do you work at home (is a study necessary?)
How often will you have guests staying overnight in your house?
How many vehicles should your garage house?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms should be there in your house?
What appeals to you more: an attic floor or a fully functional floor?
Do you have any hobbies or interests that require the plan of a special room?

Exterior and Ergonomics

The ready-made house plan shall fully meet your expectations as to its functions and aesthetics. The exterior and internal lay-out of your future house play the key role here. Our standard house plans are architecturally attractive and feature well-balanced proportions, as well as an elaborate lay-out and practical configuration of the rooms. We use a number of expressive architectural details to create a unique setting: balconies, terraces, bay windows, columns and staircases.

What is included in the ready-made house plan?Ready-Made Plan Package of Documents

How do I order a house plan?Placing an Order on Our Website

What services does LAND & HOME Construction provide?Company List of Services

How is a ready-made house plan delivered?Plan Delivery — Methods, Deadlines and Options

Is it possible to make changes to a ready-made plan?Changing Procedures

What is a standard plan mirror-image presentation?Ready-Made House Plan Mirror-Image Presentation

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