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What is included in the ready-made house plan?Ready-Made Plan Package of Documents

 The ready-made private house plan comprises a set of documents regarding the architectural and construction work.

Architectural Work involved in the House Plan

1. General Information
2. Floor Plans
3. Orthographic Projections
4. Building Section Views
5. Roofing Plan
6. Node Points
7. Floor Plan
8. Specification of Windows and Doors
9. House Color Combinations

Construction Work involved in the House Plan

1. General Information
2. Foundation Plan
3. Support Beam Configuration Plan
4. Floor Slab Plans
5. Floor Slab Section View, Node Points
6. Roof Structure Configuration Plan
7. Roof Section View, Node Points

The plan package includes three copies signed by the architect and the structural engineer.

The utility system is not included in the basic cost of the plan, but you do have an opportunity to order it from our company subject to additional charges. If the building area does not exceed 250 sq.m, we recommend developing the utility system directly with a construction company responsible for the implementation of the project. If the building area exceeds 250 sq.m, a planner and planner of utility projects should be involved.

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