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How is a ready-made house plan delivered?Plan Delivery — Methods, Deadlines and Options

 You may receive the house plan after executing a 100% payment to our office located at: 8th Floor, 8B, Gunāra Astras Street, Riga. The second option is to send the plan by post via Latvijas Pasts or DHL; this will take up to 3 to 7 days on average.

How do I select a house plan?Ready-Made Plan Selection

What is included in the ready-made house plan?Ready-Made Plan Package of Documents

How do I order a house plan?Placing an Order on Our Website

What services does LAND & HOME Construction provide?Company List of Services

Is it possible to make changes to a ready-made plan?Changing Procedures

What is a standard plan mirror-image presentation?Ready-Made House Plan Mirror-Image Presentation

How to get a ready-made house project for free?Ready-made house project for free