House Location and Cardinal Directions

The location of the house on the land plot is one of the most important things to consider prior to the construction. The main secret of maximal efficient use of solar energy is the correct house location, taking into account the cardinal directions (compass points).

House locations

Southern Side

The maximum possible number of windows should be located on the southern side of the house, as this will allow you to use daylight illumination for a longer time and to manage solar energy effectively. The most suitable rooms are those which are used during the entire day: a living room, playroom or dining room. A bedroom should be located in such a way that the sunlight is oriented to illuminate it, that is – on the south-eastern side.

Northern Side

The northern side is characterized by little sunlight, uniform illumination during the whole day and cold winter winds. This is a typical place for the kitchen, which is one of the warmest nooks in the house because meals are cooked there, as well as for the utility rooms such as a garage and boiler room.

Western Side

The western side is one of the most windy sides and is greatly affected by precipitation. It is advisable to plant some trees to protect this side of the house. The rooms are illuminated in late afternoon on the western side – it is an ideal place for the children’s room (the child will be able to do homework in broad daylight).

Eastern Side

East is the side with a nice morning sunlight. It is a good option to locate the bedrooms here, as well as a breakfast nook or a study if you work in the afternoon. A lawn and some small shrubs that will not interfere with the morning sun will be suitable for the eastern side. The eastern side is also the ideal location for an open terrace – as it will not get too hot on warm, sunny days in the afternoon.

Land Plot Terrain and House Location

The best alternative is to locate the house on the elevated area. It is necessary to consider the location of neighboring houses, as well as if the shadow falls on your land plot.

Land Plot Zoning

Prior to the construction, it is necessary to zone the land plot and define the location of all of the necessary elements: a bathhouse, recreational space, garden, fountain, access drives and household structures.

Utility Distribution System Location

Obviously you also need to consider the utility distribution systems such as electricity, water supply, gas supply and sewerage. We recommend buying a plot with pre-existing utility lines – it will save your time and effort.