LAND & HOME Construction is your personal construction expert. We offer all types of construction operations managed by the professionals.

Private House Construction

  • Excavation
  • Ready-made form installation operations
  • Foundation pour operations
  • Foundation reinforcement
  • Walling operations
  • Installation of load-bearing beams
  • Installation of intermediate floors
  • Roof structure mounting
  • Roof coating
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Engineering and utility infrastructure
  • Exterior insulation and finishing
  • Interior finishing
  • Furniture manufacturing and installation
  • Installation of fences and enclosures
  • Path laying
  • Territory landscaping

Road Construction

  • Roadbed preparation
  • Foundation soil stabilization
  • Connection to the centralized water supply system
  • Connection to the centralized sewerage system
  • Installation of water-purification systems
  • Connection to the gas pipeline
  • Connection to the power supply system
  • Arrangement of street lighting
  • Installation of low voltage power networks (Lattelecom, Balticom)
  • Installation of rainwater systems
  • Macadam foundation laying
  • Paving in stone blocks
  • Asphalt laying
  • Installation of storm-water drainage systems
  • Firewater pond plan
  • Landscaping of the territories adjacent to the road

LAND & HOME Construction is a unique company combining the expertise of architects with the practical knowledge of construction experts. The client-centered approach, compliance with deadlines and well-qualified team of construction workers provide for the best-quality end result. We value our reputation and always do our utmost to ensure that our clients recommend us as a reliable partner in the future.

Every new project, regardless of the scope of construction, is a great responsibility. Our portfolio of implemented projects is extremely diverse, from small countryside houses to luxurious three-story mansions.

LAND & HOME Construction prefers applying a comprehensive approach to the arrangement of plan and construction processes. This approach allows the client to cooperate with one company throughout all stages of construction and, consequently, to save a lot of money, time and effort.

At present, LAND & HOME Construction is actively developing and selling land plots for the construction of houses in numerous villages close to Riga:

Berģu skati — is a new village of luxury lakeside houses in Bergi
Langstiņmuiža — is a new village located in the pinewood near Lake Langstini
Mārupes Ziedlejas — is a new village of private houses close to the center of Riga in Marupe
Mārupes Zeltiņlejas — is a modern house village in Marupe close to Jurmala
Babītes mežmalas — is an area of land located in Babite in a new family house village, close to pine woods