LAND & HOME Construction — planning private countryside houses, residential complexes and commercial real estate.

House plan services

  • Ready-made house plans
  • Custom-tailored house plan
  • Building dismantlement and demolition project
  • Building refurbishment project
  • Water supply and sewerage system plan
  • Power supply system plan
  • Gas supply system plan
  • Low voltage power network plan
  • Topographical measurements (topography)
  • Geological ground survey (geology)
  • Building efficiency calculation
  • Adaptation of the plan to the land plot (General Plan)
  • Vertical leveling development
  • Plan of fences and enclosures
  • Obtaining all the approvals and permits from the competent authorities of Latvia

The LAND & HOME Construction Architectural Department has one of the most diversified portfolios on the Latvian market for ready-made house plans. For over 10 years, we have been providing our clients with convenient and functional plans and expressive architectural services. Our clients trust us with the most important thing — to plan their dream home, and we reciprocate by doing our job flawlessly.

In addition to the ready-made standard private house plans, we also offer custom-tailored plans of countryside houses, family houses, villas and mansions that comply with all the requests and requirements of our clients. Moreover, LAND & HOME Construction deals with commercial real estate plans such as warehouses, sheds, logistics depots, workshops, office buildings, stores and residential apartment complexes.

Our services include all types of plan operations: from planning the power supply system and taking topographical measurements to approving the plan with all the competent authorities as well as adapting the plan to the land plot.

Prices for the services of the Bureau